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Leak Detection | Gauteng Plumbing

National Leak DetectionCommercial Water Leak Detection
  • Complex Leak Detection
  • Factory Leak Detection
  • Business Park Leak Detection
  • Hospital Water Leak Detection
  • Hotel Water Leak Detection
  • Airport Water Leak Detection
  • Municipal Networks Leak Detection
  • Water Pressure Tests
  • 3D Radar Scans
Water Leak DetectionDomestic Water Leak Detection
  • Swimming Pool Leak Detection
  • Shower Leak Detection
  • Drainage Leak Detection
GIS Mapping
  • Google-Earth compatible map creation of networks
  • 3D Ground Penetrating Radar Services CAD Reports
AMR Automated Meter Reading Networks
  • Create Metering Zones for accurate water balances, readings, billing and leak detection
Data Logging - Flow and Pressure Monitoring
  • Monitoring of DMAs / DMZs (District Metering Areas / Zones)
Smoke Testing
  • Detect Illegal Installations and connections
Water Audits / Water Balances
  • Accurately determine water losses
Thermal Imaging
  • Use of temperature variables for leak location and tracing of heating systems.
Ultrasonic Flow Monitoring
  • Non-Invasive 100% accurate consumption analyses
Bulk Pipeline Detection
  • Insertion-Type parachute systems to locate leaks from inside live networks